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General Services

Specialized Services

  • Top Quality Computers at Very Competitive Prices.
  • Extensive Knowledge of All PC Based Networks
  • Superior Experience of All PC Based Operating Systems.
  • Excellent Understanding of PC Hardware.
  • Very Competitive On-site Labor Rates.
  • Personal and Business Internet Services.
  • Convert your Web Based Forms Directly into your Database Program.
  • Multi-Server Networks.
  • Novell NetWare Network Installation and Maintenance.
  • Linux Server Network Installation and Maintenance.
  • Microsoft NT/2000 Server Administration and Implementation.
  • Extensive Knowledge with Body Shop Estimating Systems and Management Systems.
  • Mitchell Ultramate Estimating System.
  • ADP Estimating System.
  • CCC Estimating Systems.
  • Web Design & Scripting.

Serving Orange County and Southern California since 1995

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